Search tips

Searching and finding – guidelines to an efficient and comfortable search of pictures

We have analysed your habits searching and have integrated your feedback into the design of our database.

NEW: pictures of the events announced on the startpage can be found under „Recent Images“ as soon as they are available. By clicking onto this link you will get straight to these particular pictures in our database.

Also the „Search“ can be commenced right on our startpage. Ideally you already have logged on using your personal database access. With the „Search“ option you do have the following possibilities:

One Search Word only:

  • it’s best to enter the name of the person into the search box.

Combining Search Words:

  • you can enter several search words (eg. first name, last name, place, sport, event a.s.o.) which improves your search results. Just enter a blank character between the words.

Excluding Search Words:

  • combine one or several search words with the word ”not“ (eg. Maier not Ski – shows you all images with captions that do not include the word ski).

Searching for Phrases:

  • if you enter your search words in quotation marks you will only find pictures with a caption that includes your search words in the exact order as entered.

Search for the Latest Pictures:

  • use the search word „last100“. This will show you the 100 newest images. Naturally this figure can be changed.

Search for Word Segments:

  • if you are not sure about the correct spelling of a search word just enter as many characters as you definetely know and then enter a star (*). Eg. if you are not sure if it’s Lindsey or Lindsay just search for Linds*

Advanced Search:

  • with this option on the database page you can limit your search to certain dates or periods and choose different categories.

Display of Search Results:

  • standardised are 30 pictures (thumbnails) per page. You can choose if you would like to see fewer or more (max. 100) pictures.


  • a mouse-over (moving the mouse on a thumbnail) shows the caption.


  • clicking onto a thumbnail opens a bigger picture including the caption in a seperate window.


  • in a drop-down-menu below each thumbnail you have 3 options: download as JPEG-file, opening the picture in a seperate window to download it via „drag and drop“, and using the cart.


  • please do not load more than 30 pictures into your cart per session.

Automatic Logout:

  • when being inactive for more than 30 minutes you will automatically be logged out for security reasons.