Up-to-date Sports Pictures from all over the world and Online-Picture Archive

Sport photography is sport – where athletes give their best fighting for hundredths and thousandths of seconds also our photographers go for the „fast picture“. Today a laptop is part of the standard equipment - as the darkroom used to be once. The transmission of pictures usually already takes place during the competition. To meet deadlines is one of our highest demands. Pictures are transferred to our clients in real-time via FTP or e-mail.
Relying on our 25 years of experience in agency- and press-photography we can grant the highlights of each event besides the „fast pictures“ also.

Registered members have access to 2.9 million pictures in our online-picture-database. This number is increased by approximately 900 pictures a day. To search for pictures, without the possibility to download them, is also possible using the guest-login.

To enable an efficient search for pictures, our database is split into different sections resp. sports like Football, Motorsports, Tennis... Topshots can be found in ”Best of the Week“, pictures for illustrations in our ”Features“-database.

We are pleased to place our database know-how to companies’ and event organisers’ disposal resp. create solutions in the course of our database-hosting.